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APPLE RIVER WELL AND PUMP COMPANY INC. has provided safe, pure dependable water for the “Tri-States” for over 40 years. Our certified and state licensed {Illinois, Iowa, and Wisconsin} service and repair crews are highly skilled in the craft of water well drilling and cleaning along with the design and installation of submersible, turbine, and jet pump systems. Windmills too! Keeping pace with the migration and development of new homes and industry, our fleets stay in pace offering 24 emergency sales, service and repair.

JoDaviess, Carroll, Stephenson, and Whiteside Counties, Illinois
Dubuque, Jackson, and Clinton Counties, Iowa
Grant and Lafayette Counties, Wisconsin

About Us - Apple River Well & Pump Company

Water well drilling, pump installation, water softening, conditioning and treatment has been a family trade and tradition for over 45 years. Years of practical field experience passed from one generation to the next has led our firm to be the “Contractor of Choice”.

Sound professional business practice coupled with our commitment to new and cutting-edge technology gives our residential, agricultural, and industrial users time-tested, cost-effective and maintenance-free water supply systems.

APPLE RIVER WELL & PUMP COMPANY was founded and piloted by a grandfather’s “Old Country” desire and gut to succeed. His immigrant heritage and drive found no boundaries. Following these same ethics of hard work and dignity found in common labor has kept our price and value equal. These “old fashion” standards are the ingredients that continue to keep our mission and focus intact while our customer base continues to expand.

You…our customer may feel confident that our personnel are highly skilled trade professionals. All our employees attend continuing education classes, trade-shows, seminars, field schools, and workshops.

Their license and certification is your assurance that pure, untouched natural groundwater is delivered into your home with the greatest care.

APPLE RIVER WELL & PUMP COMPANY purchases and installs the highest quality water equipment available to the water well and pump industry. ALL LABOR, AS WELL AS MATERIALS, ARE GUARANTEED! It is our belief to provide those materials and construction practices to merit your complete satisfaction and no less!

Are you guided by price or by value…?

Many of you have never had a water well or pump before. Advice is always free and your questions and inquiries are welcome. We will give you a detailed explanation on any item or function of your water well or pump system in terms you will understand. Installing a new or repairing an old water well or pumping system is generally outside the expertise of a plumber or handy-man. We will itemize every part and break out labor through our thorough proposal process.

If you are in need of a salesman, there are plenty of them out there. If you are in need of a serviceman, they are more difficult to find.



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E-mail: info@yourwaterwellandpump.com

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