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Through the encouragement of our local realtors, banks, mortgage house lenders and title insurance companies – Apple River Well & Pump Co, Inc. is re-introducing our certified water well and pump inspection disclosure and liability affidavit. We have designed these inspection forms specifically to ensure an accurate appraisal for the buyer and seller.

Our main objective is to transfer and remove the liability of an unsafe water well and/or pump system from the hands of a listing or closing realtor- to an insured and state licensed contractor.

Historically, closings are delayed and contract concessions arise due to a below standard water well, pressure system, or a contaminated water sample or supply system. At your request, specific physical, mechanical, and diagnostic tests are performed. For your review, we have enclosed our current inspection forms designed to address and identify these critical water well and system functions and conditions. Upon completion, our confidential results are forwarded to the party or agent of your choice.

We encourage you to inform your client that a state certified water well and pump inspection is available. Over 95% of our reports and disclosure affidavits are returned as favorable and state code compliant. Adding this feature to your current business practice provides both you and the buyer/seller with accurate and unbiased information.

Furthermore, we know how delicate, time-consuming, and stressful a pending sale can be! We are very proud that our format has become an industry standard and continues to be an essential tool among the realty and banking communities. Assisting you in consumer confidence is our paramount concern. Apple River Well & Pump Co. is dedicated to protecting your client buyer/seller as well as your and their financial interests.

You may feel confident that our ability to communicate effectively with your client and preserve your high standards for future referrals is always at hand.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. I look forward to working with you and for you.


Illinois Depts. of Public Health
Jo Daviess County Dept. of Public Health
Northwestern Illinois Board of Realtors
Associated Banks, Savings and Loans
Mortgage Houses and Title Companies
VA. FHA. and HUD approved
Dubuque County Dept of Public Health
Iowa Dept. of Natural Resources (IDNR)
Dubuque County Board of Realtors
Wisconsin DNR
Grant and Laffette Counties Dept. of Public Health


Increasingly and evermore present are water wells and water supply systems being billed as “SAFE AND ACCEPTABLE” while in actuality below minimum standards of construction; potential hazards and risks are evident. Under the laws of disclosure and information, realtors, lending institutions, and homeowners have found themselves financially liable for posing that a water well and or water supply system was safe simply on the merit of a one-time safe water sample.

Our completed and standardized form takes the liability out of your hands and puts it in the hands of a State certified, licensed, and registered groundwater professional.

We provide a thorough unbiased report describing those items, parts or materials that are not acceptable or non- compliant.

We will in confidentiality, keep your information…Your information. You may disseminate and pass on our report and survey as you see fit and at your discretion.

Over 95% of our reports and disclosure affidavits are favorable and without consequence. We encourage you as a seller to offer your home with a certified safe water supply system. To the buyer… You wouldn’t have it any other way.

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