Listing of Some of Our Customers

Below is a list of the happy customers Apple River Well and Pump Company has had the pleasure of serving.


Chestnut Mt. Resort Galena, IL.
Inn at Irish Hollow Galena, IL.
Belle-Aire Guest House Galena, IL.
Best Westem/Quiet House, Mequon, WI. Galena, IL.
Captain Gear House Galena, IL.
Clorian Mansion Galena, IL.
The Turney House Galena, IL.
Pioneer Log Settlement Galena, IL.
Stillwaters Country Inn Galena, IL.
Log Cabin Guest House Galena, IL.
Lonesome Dove Savanna, IL.
Lakewood Resort Savanna, IL.
Fried Green Tomatoes Galena, IL.
Zeals Country Motel Elizabeth, IL.
Swiss Inn East Dubuque, IL.
Country Valley Guest House Galena, IL.
Spring Lake Resort Savanna, IL.
The Goldmoor Inn Galena, IL.
Maple Lalle Resort Stockton,.IL.
19th Hole Lounge East Dubuque, IL.
Black Hawk Hotel Savanna, IL.
Captain Merry Guest House East Dubuque, IL.
Vel Terra Ranch & camp ground Stockton, IL.


Cold Spring Farms Hanover, IL.
IRMCO Ag-Division Hanover, IL.
Territory Veterinary Clinic Galena, IL.
Whistling Wings Hatchery Hanover, IL.
Schnitzler Dairy Farms Elizabeth, IL.
Ochs Tree Farms Galena, IL.
Einsweiler Farms/Lemfco Inc Galena, IL.
Patinkin Red Angus Farms Hanover, IL.
T.T. Chapman Farms Galena, IL.
Brake-Away Farms Hanover, IL.
Bar M Ranch Savanna, IL.
Camp Creek Ranch Savanna, IL.
Wildberry Farms Hanover, Scales Mound, IL.
Timmerman Dairy Farms Galena, IL.
Fincel Farms East Dubuque, IL.


Territory Construction – Elizabeth, IL.
Hillcrest Construction – Stockton, IL.
Eversoil Construction – Elizabeth, IL.
Kelly Construction – Dubuque, IA.
Conlon Construction – Dubuque, lA.
Civil Constructors – Freeport, IL.
Jeff Kieffer Excavating – East Dubuque, IL.
Jackson Bros. – Galena, IL.
K.E.G. Construction – Elizabeth, IL.
Greenco Construction – Galena, IL.
Karberg Construction – Galena, IL.
Chuck Williams Excavating – East Dubuque, IL.
Berlage Construction – Galena, IL.
Lumber Enterprises/Heart-Built Homes – Stockton, IL.
Temperley Construction – East Dubuque, IL.
First Galena Corp. – Galena, IL.
Midwest Foundation – Tremont, IL.
Eastman-Cartwright – Galena, IL., Keller, WI.
DeSpain Construction – Thomson, IL.
Gary Gilbert Construction – Hazel Green, WI.
Al Drossier & Sons – Kieler, WI.
Windy-Hill Construction – Galena, IL.
Ron Miller Excavating – Savanna, IL.
Don Beaston Excavating – Savannna, IL.
Beans Backhoe Service – Galena, IL.
Troy Moore Const. – East Dubuque,IL.
Redfern Excavting – Elizabeth, IL.
Cedar Ridge Construction – Dubuque, IA.
Top Notch Construction – Dubuque, IA.
Richie Excavating – Savanna, IL.
Bill Bame Construction and Excavating – Elizabeth, IL.
Lee Rockafellow Construction – Savanna, IL.


The Silver Eagle and Pavilion/JoDaviess Riverboat Corp. – East Dubuque, IL.
The Galena Territory Information Center/Rt# 20 – Galena, IL.
Enron Pipe Line / Northern Natural Gas Co. – East Dubuque, IL.
Eagle Ridge Golf Courses – Galena, IL.
Dubuque Sand and Gravel – East Dubuque, IL.
Jansen Beverage Co. – East Dubuque, IL.
Power-Lab – Savanna, IL.
Chem-Bio Corp. Colt Industries – South Beloit, IL.
Merkle Engineers – Galena, IL.
Met-Form ยท McClean Fogg – Savanna, IL.
Micro-Switch – Galena, IL.
Black Hawk Area Council Boy Scout Camp John Westwick Foundry – Galena, IL.
Century Pine Condominiums Mt. Carrol Tri-State Tours – Galena, IL.
Walsh Ace Hardware – Galena, IL.
Vincent Monument – Galena, IL.
Vinigar Lead Mine Museum – Galena, IL.
Country Cast Products Foundry – Galena, IL.
Galena Ridge Water Assoc. – Stockton, IL.
Golf View Estates – Galena, IL.
Griffith’s Mobile Home Park – Hanover, IL.
Hoskin’s Lumber and Design Center – Stockton, IL.
Mac Arthur Machine Ltd. – Elizabeth, IL.
Sign-Craft – Galena, IL.
Storybrook Country Club – Hanover, IL.
Galena Golf Club – Galena, IL.
Galena Antique Mall – Galena, IL.
N.W.I. Group/Amoco Station – Elizabeth, IL.
Longhollow Point Condominiums – Galena, IL.
I.E.I. Barge Terminal – East Dubuque, IL.
Montgomery Trucking – Elizabeth, IL.
Transfer Station
Palasades Golf Course – Savanna, IL.
U.S. Naval Reserve Center – Dubuque, IA.
Truck Country – Dubuque, IA.
Northeast Iowa Community College – Peosta, IA.
America’s River Museum – Dubuque, IA.


US Army Corps of Engineers Recreational Parks
Blanding’s Landing – Hanover, IL.
Blanchard Island – New Boston, IL.
Bulger’s Hollow – Clinton, IA.
Fishermen’s Comer – Hampton, IL.
Grant River – Potosi, WI.
Pleasant Creek – Bellevue, IA.
Thomson Causeway – Thomson, IL.
Shady Creek – Buffulo, IL.
Clark’s Ferry – Montpellier, IA.
Illinois Dept. of Public Health Building – Galena IL.
Illinois Dept. of Transportation / Scenic Look-out Tower Rt. #20 – Galena, IL.
Illinois Dept. of Conservation/Mississippi Palisades State Park – Savanna, IL.
U.S. Army Savanna Ordinance Depot – Savanna, IL.
US Fish & Wildlife District – Savanna, IL.
Lock & Dam # 13 – Fulton, IL.
Lock & Dam # 14 – Davenport IA.
Illinois Dept. of Transportation Maintenance Building – Galena, IL.
Menominee Fire Station – East Dubuque, IL.

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